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Cook.Eat.Drink.Socialise !



Don't let the lockdown lock you out of your favourite restaurant.

  • Are you unhappy that you can not visit your favourite restaurant at the moment ?

  • Are you interested in learning new recipes ?

  • Are you interested in getting tips for "plating" ?

  • You ever wanted to cook together with an international acclaimed  Chef ?

  • Are you interested in having a corporate event and cook with your colleagues ?

If the answer to any of above questions is "YES" then we have a proposal for you


Introducing a new cooking concept 

Enjoy a good glas of wine and look over the shoulder of an international acclaimed chef... all from the comfort of your own kitchen under professional supervision via Zoom video chat - Social Distancing at its finest !

1. Register to the Event

2. Receive the shopping list for ingredients or order them from us

3. Receive the suggested wine pairings from our Sommelier

4. "Come" to the Restaurant kitchen via Zoom Video Chat

5. Cook under the supervision of our Chef

6. Eat.Drink.Enjoy !

Food Blogger
Pepperoni Pizza

"The team of Cook-With helped us put together a pizza workshop for a big group of people and it was so much fun! Marc, the organizer, paid close attention to every detail and Matteo, the chef, delivered this virtual course with patience and clear instructions. The results were delicious!"

Florencia Bechelli - Int´l Renewals Manager

“I joined the public event "Live from Manifesto" and organised one private Event for my team. In both cases we had a great time learning a few new tips & tricks. I can highly recommend it for team building or cooperate Events !”

Michael Kirsch - Owner MLYK Consulting

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